Fishing White Bass – Austin Texas

Fishing White Bass – Austin Texas

While fishing white bass, I caught this one with a length of 10 in. Fishing white bass in Austin Texas is pretty simple. You just need the right bait.

Fishing White Bass - Austin Texas


Fishing for White Bass – Bait

We weren’t using lures for white bass, this little guy was caught with Minnows. Fishing from a dock and just dropped the line down about 20 feet. You can buy minnows at most gas stations near a lake and even sporting goods stores. You might want to call ahead, but if you have a net, you can just catch them that way when you get to the lake.

White Bass Fishing Tips – Austin Texas

The best bait to use for White Bass is Austin, hands down, minnows. You can catch a lot of other species with lures, but for Austin, minnows are the best bait.


How to fish for white bass

My setup was pretty simple. I had a 6ft pole and 8 lb test. I used a 3-Way Swivel Rig for White Bass, light weight because you want the minnow to be able to move a around a bit.

All the white bass pictured here were caught on Lake Travis in Lago Vista, Texas

Last updated: June 10th, 2017

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