Fishing in Austin TX Area

Fishing in Austin TX Area

Here’s a little story about fishing in Austin TX area. When I moved to Texas in 2010, I immediately went on the prowl for the best fishing spots in Austin. I did my time in Texas living in the North Central Austin. This location put me only about 15 minutes away  from a fishing hole.

Fishing spots in Austin – A few of my favorite spots

All of the spots listed below are on Lake Travis with the exception of Lake Bastrop. I spent a few months in a small city North of Austin called Jonestown. It’s neighbor city is Lago Vista which is where a lot of the pictures below were taken.


Fishing in Austin TX area – Get your line out quick

Windy Point Park, Emma Long Park and Pennybacker Bridge (360 Bridge) are all in the Austin area. He forgot about town lake you say? Yea, you can basically fish anywhere and at least catch sunfish and perch with pieces of nightcrawler. I know kayak fishing is a big thing to do, but I don’t own one. Therefore, I mostly did a lot of bank fishing in Austin. If I had to choose one spot inside of Austin to fish, it would be Windy Point Park. I caught Catfish, Bass and Perch here. I don’t believe I was ever skunked at Windy Point Park. Emma Long Park and even 360 bridge didn’t produce results for me beyond Perch and Blue Gill as you can see below.

Emma Long Park - Fishing in Austin TX area
I call it a selfishy. Caught this monster at Emma Long Park

Fishing Near Austin

I did some fishing around the Austin area too. Jonestown, Lago Vista and Lake Bastrop to name a few. My friend came to visit a few years after I moved to Texas. I had already been skunked inside the Austin City Limits so I decided we would journey to Lake Bastrop. Ultimately, we fished for about 4 or 5 hours and I was the only one to catch anything. This further cemented the fact that John Regalado has better fishing skills than Rico Lopez.

Lake Bastrop Fishing Texas
Monster Bass on Lake Bastrop Texas

Fishing White Bass, Carp and Black Bass – Lago Vista

While fishing white bass, I caught this one with a length of 10 in. Fishing white bass in Austin Texas is pretty simple. You just need the right bait.

Fishing White Bass - Austin Texas

We weren’t using lures for white bass, this little guy was caught with Minnows. Fishing from a dock and just dropped the line down about 20 feet. You can buy minnows at most gas stations near a lake and even sporting goods stores. You might want to call ahead, but if you have a net, you can just catch them that way when you get to the lake.

The best bait to use for White Bass is Austin, hands down, minnows. You can catch a lot of other species with lures, but for Austin, minnows are the best bait. I had a piece of cut bait on the line sitting in shallow water. That bait sat there all night and at the end of the night I started to pull it in when I felt a snag. I wasn’t stuck, I had something big on the line. “This is a big kitty,” I said to my fishing buddy. I was shocked when I saw this huge black bass below and the smile on my face is so big, because this is the biggest Bass I’ve ever caught.

Monster Black Bass

I caught a ton of carp living in Austin, this guy right here was one of the biggest, but he definitely wasn’t the hardest fighter. There was a nice dock in Jonestown called Easy St. I caught several carp while targeting catfish using hotdogs or their favorite rendition was Hotdogs soaked in Anise.

Fishing in Austin Tx area - Monster Carp
Monster Carp

Last updated: July 11th, 2017

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