Molokai Dispatch Instagram Photo Contest

Molokai Dispatch Instagram Photo Contest

Dubbed the downtown after-rain reflection photo, this is a photo of Molokai Dispatch that published a photo from my Instagram Account.

The grand prize was a gift certificate to Kualapu’u Cookhouse, which is a restaurant that I love very much because they have amazing pork chops & gravy, I go with the potato salad on the side.

On my last visit to Kualapu’u Cookhouse I dicovered a Shrimp. The dish makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Bacon wrapped shrimp with sweet chili sauce. You always leave hurting so good after a trip to the Kualapu’u Cookhouse.

Molokai Dispatch – Molokai Newspaper

Molokai Dispatch is a top resource for Molokai News. They have been serving the Friendly Isle since 1985. Molokai Dispatch is the only weekly Molokai newspaper. Their website attracts 12,000 to 16,000 hits per month. Dispatch Kaunakakai

Molokai Dispatch Photo Contest
The Molokai newspaper, Molokai Dispatch printed a photo I shot in their paper – dispatch kaunakakai

Molokai News Contest Results:

I didn’t win the photo contest, but it did get an honorable mention. I’ve had photos that were printed in small publications before. This was special to me because it was a picture to capture a moment in time that I wanted to remember forever. Mission accomplished.

Last updated: June 7th, 2017

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