Lymphoma Diagnosis Story – Non Hodgkin Lymphoma

Lymphoma Diagnosis Story – Non Hodgkin Lymphoma

My lymphoma diagnosis story may sound familiar if you were recently diagnosed. In mid-April 2004 I visited my doctor with the symptoms shortness of breath and coughing. I also reported getting night sweats. I was prescribed antibiotics but the symptoms did not improve.

Lymphoma Diagnosis Story - Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Diagnosis
Nothing to do but get better – Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Diagnosis

How is Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Diagnosed?

Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Diagnosis
Shaved heads are usually part of a Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Diagnosis

A chest x-ray was done and it showed there was excess fluid in the area around my lungs. A CT scan showed there was a large mass in my chest measuring about 16 cm by 11 cm. The fluid surrounding my lungs was removed in a procedure called “thoracentesis.,” and a biopsy of the chest mass was done, as well. The tissue from the chest mass and the pleural fluid both showed that I had T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma.

City of Hope – Lymphoma Diagnosis Story

I was diagnosed on April 30, 2004. My primary oncologist at City of Hope was Dr. Amrita Krishnan. From the moment I arrived, I felt like I was in good hands. The City of Hope is where I would spend the next month and celebrate my 21st birthday.


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