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John Regalado

Web Developer, Marketing Professional

About John Regalado

John Regalado is a freelance website developer and marketing professional. John Regalado combines over 18 years of Web Design experience with 15 years as a Digital Media Specialist. If you need to hire a web developer or online marketing specialist look no further.

As a Marketing professional, John will work alongside a company's marketing team to identify their target market. John also works to create and maintain marketing campaigns for the internet and for digital technologies. Providing an overall integrated marketing experience for the user.

What does a web developer do?

John is usually in constant contact with colleagues while they work together to apply his expertise to an array of technical issues. John also has a deep understanding and hands on experience with web applications and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and API's.

PHP Development

John is a PHP developer at his core, John loves PHP script. He has spent countless hours writing PHP code and learning the ins and out of PHP programming for php web development. 

HTML Developer

Not only does John design websites, but he also manages clients websites. Any updates on a website he can help coordinate. He sometimes works odd hours to meet deadlines.

CSS programming

John can work miracles with raw CSS. John uses preprocessors like LESS/SASS and may even use a front-end CSS framework like Bootstrap or Foundation.

JavaScript Developer

As a JavaScript programmer, John understands an array of front-end and back-end technology. John also has experience with MongoDB, WebPack, and Node.js.

API Integration

APIs make it possible to manage software applications. APIs are essential for communication between programs. John favorite APIs to use are the Facebook and Google API's. 

Experienced in Digital Marketing

As a Digital Marketing Specialist or internet marketing specialist, John will work with alone or with a marketing team to identify their target market. John also works to create and maintain marketing campaigns for the internet and for digital technologies. Providing an overall integrated marketing experience for the user. Below are a few of the marketing techniques that John Regalado has taken the time to advance in.

Paid Search

If you own a business and need help with Facebook or Google Ads, John is your man. John Regalado is approved to run Political ads on Facebook` and is highly skilled in conversion ads on both Google and Facebook. In today's world, if you're not using paid search, you're missing opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization

Want to attract people to your site using search engines like Google and Bing? You'll want to invest time in SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technological step up and optimization of your website's content. With the goal to have your pages appear at the top of a search engine results.

Social Media Marketing

Today, a lot of people use social networks to discover, study and learn on their own about a brand before engaging. John has experience creating engaging content which can help lead to them becoming a customer and influencing their friends to become customers, too.


John Regalado has skills that are not taught in a traditional classroom. John began as a self-taught web programmer learning everything he could about programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ASP. That's not to say John has not taken college courses. Around 2009 John decided that he needed proof of his knowledge and began to attend Los Angeles City College. With his mind set on obtaining a BS in CSIT, he began to take multiple foundation courses in programming that he was already skilled in. 

In 2011, John  and his family moved to Austin, Texas. This was the official start of John's career in being a remote web developer and marketing professional. Soon after, John began to obtain certifications through as proof of his skills. Below are a few selected certifications out of over 50 that John has obtained over the years.

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